Who has the ‘right’ perspective?

Depending on your perspective, yesterday’s Summer Budget showed George Osborne to be ‘the listening Chancellor’, as he ‘borrowed’ policies (or at least the language these policies are clothed in) from the opposition; or ‘the thieving Chancellor’, as he ‘stole Labour’s clothes’. Most notably, of course, the Chancellor ‘borrowed’ the language of ‘the Living Wage‘, pulling the […]

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if the pomp & ceremony don’t scare you, the #QueensSpeech will

11:30 It’s all going orff! ‘Black Rod’ makes his way to The Commons. Stand by for the really scary bits – the Government’s proposed legislative agenda. 11:34 The Queen stumbles over ‘My government will govern for working people’ 11:35 ‘… reform Trade Unions, and protect public services from strikes.’ 11:36 coming thick-and-fast now ‘… young […]

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Crunching the Numbers

WHILE Scotland’s child population fell by 3.6% Edinburgh’s child population grew by 4.3% – Scotland’s over-65 population grew by 15.7% but Edinburgh’s grew by much less: 5.2% – these data 2003-13, the period quoted in National Records of Scotland figures – what does this mean for the city’s service planners? This is the sort of question raised by […]

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but what about the bots?

WE’RE quite used to robots saving our labour in the home – robot vacuum cleaners are no longer the novelty they once were, and, with the internet of everything now established in the zeitgeist, a ‘smart’ telly, boiler or fridge is nearly mundane. What, though, of our relationships? The effort (just ask my family) I […]

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