if the pomp & ceremony don’t scare you, the #QueensSpeech will


It’s all going orff!

‘Black Rod’ makes his way to The Commons.

Stand by for the really scary bits – the Government’s proposed legislative agenda.


The Queen stumbles over ‘My government will govern for working people’


‘… reform Trade Unions, and protect public services from strikes.’


coming thick-and-fast now

‘… young people will earn or learn.’


‘… Northern Powerhouse.’


‘… will pursue reform of the European Union.’


‘… British Bill of Rights.’


… and that’s That! Five years of fear & loathing compressed into just 12 minutes.

… and a few tweets just to round it all off, as her maj heads back home after the #QueensSpeech

today’s #QueensSpeech points to plenty of ‘problematic’ bills – welfare, europe, snoopers, human rights… twitter.com/politicshome/s…

Read the full text of the Queen’s Speech here polho.me/1euViWtpic.twitter.com/XrFJHq1GAP

Here are the bills in today’s Queen’s Speech, neatly summarised and explained by @SebastianEPaynespecc.ie/1Atpvzv

Our take on David Cameron’s bid for the political centre ground: econ.trib.al/xOmbRea#QueensSpeechpic.twitter.com/I25DxZf7Ln

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The Queen’s Speech: As it Happened | NewsShaft  http://newsshaft.com/the-queens-speech-as-it-happened/


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