Reasons to be Cheerful #216

I KNOW, I know! Those 10pm exits came like a kick in the teeth. I had feared that the incumbents would somehow squeak a victory, possibly cobbling together a delicate coalition, but Nothing had prepared me for the scale of this rout. Let’s just say we got through two weeks’ worth of chocolate in a […]

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Get to know ‘Your Place’

AN EXCITING, new resource is ready and waiting for Everyone to use. Visit Understanding Scottish Places for a range of fascinating and useful statistics and insights on Scottish places (what else?) Navigate to the Solutions page on this blogsite, and find out how to use this Scottish Government-commissioned resource. You’ll Love it!

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CoProduction Capital of the World

SOLUTIONS you’ve been promised, and solutions you shall have. Today, allow me to introduce an excellent, wide-ranging, and practical resource on CoProduction. Visit the Solutions page on this blogsite. If you have comments, or queries, I’d be delighted to hear from you. And if you have suggestions for content to feature on the Solutions page […]

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Stats going South

AS YOU may have done yourself, I happened upon Cllr Andrew Burns’ ‘Really Bad Blog’ the other day, and found a report on the latest (2014) Edinburgh People Survey. Just in case you’ve not come across this before, the Edinburgh People Survey is a large-scale survey of residents, gathering information on a range of views […]

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All of us Want to Belong

LONELINESS kills. It’s official – researchers into isolation in older people have suggested that social isolation is as damaging to our health (particularly in recovery from, say, surgery) as smoking is. In a typically thoughtful (and thought-provoking) piece in the Guardian newspaper George Monbiot casts a sceptical eye on Hobbes’ pre-social proto-human hyper-competitive savage, arguing […]

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